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Posted on by Mick Polo

Medical Billing: Which Terms and Codes Are Important?

As a member of the healthcare industry, it’s vital to be aware of medical terminology and coding. These codes translate a patient’s treatment and billing details into a language that is useful for claims submission and receiving reimbursements in return. Codes are valuable, but understanding what corresponds to them is more important.

Posted on by Mick Polo

How to Lower Revenue Leakage in Your Medical Practice

Whenever or wherever a revenue leakage report surfaces, you’ll find that there are alternative solutions, methods, and strategies to fix such leaks. In order to prevent these problems from impacting your practice, It’s important to keep yourself prepared and overcome the loop-holes in your management, inventory, finances, operations, and billing.

Posted on by insivia

May - Jun 2020 NCDS Update

We’ve heard from physicians that they are concerned about the risks involved in reopening their practices. In response to these concerns, we offer the following 10 recommendations:

Posted on by insivia

MIPS: Transition Year vs. Full Reporting

Industry InsightsMIPS: Transition Year vs. Full ReportingInsightsIf you think the new Quality Payment is easy, it may be because we are in the transition year. CMS has made 2017 a transition year to get practices up to speed with the new requirements. This year you only need to report the bare minimum to avoid the

Posted on by insivia

MIPS: Choosing the Right Quality Measures for Your Practice

Industry InsightsMIPS: Choosing the Right Quality Measures for Your Practice InsightsNow that we have covered the basics of MIPS (read here), let’s get into the main focus- how to choose the right quality measures for your practice. Even if you do not plan on fully participating this year, you will need to in 2018. Picking

Posted on by insivia

MIPS: Understanding the Basics

Industry InsightsMIPS: Understanding the BasicsInsightsMIPS: The basics explainedIf you haven’t thought about MACRA yet, the time to start is now. The new Quality Payment Program came into effect January 1, 2017. Let’s start out with the basics…If you see more than 100 Medicare patients or bill more than $30,000 to Medicare a year, you are