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Immunization Clinic Services

Are you immunizing your senior patients? Medicare covers flu and pneumonia. And while Medicare does not, many secondary/supplemental plans do cover TDAP and Shingles shots.

You need the ability to check eligibility for Medicare Part B, C & D as well as commercial insurance plans benefits for both pharmacy and medical coverage to know how to counsel your seniors to maximize your immunizations. NCDS delivers technology that allows you to have these resources upfront in real-time for streamlined customer experience and in an integrated, easy to use application for your pharmacists and technicians.

A Dedicated Team

Dedicated billing team that specializes in immunizations, we take a systematic approach. It’s not unusual to have difficulty with 20-30% of the medical claims submitted. For many stores this is a lost revenue opportunity because of the time needed to keep up with just the day-to-day work let alone without constantly following up, rebilling and appealing the claims. We do not have distractions or retail operations to manage or patients to care for or shoppers to assist. At NCDS all we do is medical billing and our focus generates results for you.

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Nothing slips through the cracks, ever.

To better serve all your customers, expand the insurance plans you accept to include their medical coverage at your in-store pharmacy. Increase store sales and stop turning away customers when their Rx plan benefits do not cover immunizations. You need a business partner with billing and revenue cycle management expertise and understands the food retail industry too. NCDS gives you that experience to create a winning strategy and daily solution for your medical claims processing.

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Your experience and success is of the utmost importance to our team. 

Support - You Call, we answer, 24/7. Speak with our live representatives at our Ohio office on the phone whenever you need asssistance.

Relationship - We get to know you and your practice. Through personal meetings and consultations at your office, our process is built around you and how you work.

Understanding - We help you understand your billing information. Get real advice from data in your reports, not meaningless statistics, stacks of paper and endless spreadsheets.