Are you immunizing your senior patients? Medicare covers flu and pneumonia. And while Medicare does not, many secondary/supplemental plans do cover TDAP and Shingles shots.

You need the ability to check eligibility for Medicare Part B, C & D as well as commercial insurance plans benefits for both pharmacy and medical coverage to know how to counsel your seniors to maximize your immunizations. NCDS delivers technology that allows you to have these resources upfront in real-time for streamlined customer experience and in an integrated, easy to use application for your pharmacists and technicians.


Dedicated billing team that specializes in immunizations, we take a systematic approach. It’s not unusual to have difficulty with 20-30% of the medical claims submitted. For many stores this is a lost revenue opportunity because of the time needed to keep up with just the day-to-day work let alone without constantly following up, rebilling and appealing the claims. We do not have distractions or retail operations to manage or patients to care for or shoppers to assist. At NCDS all we do is medical billing and our focus generates results for you.

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To better serve all your customers, expand the insurance plans you accept to include their medical coverage at your in-store pharmacy. Increase store sales and stop turning away customers when their Rx plan benefits do not cover immunizations. You need a business partner with billing and revenue cycle management expertise and understands the food retail industry too. NCDS gives you that experience to create a winning strategy and daily solution for your medical claims processing.


Many pharmacies in America are only focused on the prescription and filling it fast, accurately, and cheap. With the right resources you can capture more store revenue by offering wellness and immunizations services. Working with NCDS takes you another step further by allowing you to not only extend care to customers with prescription plan coverage but also to those with medical insurance coverage. With our simple, integrated solution your pharmacy team can focus on additional patient care and advice while NCDS manages the administrative side of processing your medical insurance claims.


Does your current biller understand the benefits that building an additional revenue stream from an immunization and vaccination program can provide? Are you being properly compensated for these services and caring for the community? If you are a doctor’s office, urgent care, public health department or other clinic that gives these injections you need a medical billing and revenue cycle expert that gets to know your organization, what these services mean to it and how to drive revenue for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do my pharmacist or healthcare providers know if a patient’s medical insurance will cover the immunization they want?

NCDS provides an integrated solution that allows you to check the patient’s insurance benefits in real-time to confirm they have an active policy as well as if certain services will apply to their deductible or if they will owe a copay.

What if I do not bill medical claims now? How do I get started?

NCDS has a team to assist you with the insurance enrollment, credentialing and contracting process so you can become a participating provider for all the major insurance plans in your market. We can help you set a strategy and transition plan timeline to roll out this new program and provide you with regular updates and reporting to keep you informed of our progress.

Do I really even need to bill a patient’s medical insurance plan?

NCDS has seen an opportunity to capture up to 30% or even 50% beyond your existing business by adding a solution to bill medical claims.

I already bill my medical claims thru my existing pharmacy billing system, why should I change?

By shoe-horning your medical claims through your pharmacy software your claims do not reach the insurance carriers in the correct format and your risk for denials and zero payments increases exponentially. With NCDS we convert your medical billing file into the proper current ANSI standard format to allow your claims to process electronically to improve the speed, accurately and amount of insurance reimbursement.