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In today’s healthcare environment “billing” is a commodity. Simply moving files electronically to send claims and receive remittance advice is not enough. For real results you need an enhanced Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process that will maximize your reimbursement and deliver results from beginning to end. You need technology, automation and expertise bundled into a full package of RCM that encompasses all the administrative functions throughout the entire life of a patient account, from creation to collection.

NCDS creates a custom billing process that handles it all. Our professional service can include:

  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Coding and Data Entry
  • Electronic Claim Processing
  • Mailing of Paper Claims
  • Secondary Insurance Billing
  • Rejection and Denial Follow-up
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Payments
  • Electronic Remittance Advice Updates
  • Manual Payment Posting
  • Credit Balance Refund Administration
  • Patient Statements Processing
  • Confidentiality, Privacy and Information
  • Security
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance
  • MIPS/MACRA Incentive Program Assistance

REAL Customer Service:

  • Dedicated representatives at 800-556- 6236 to take calls from both providers and patients
  • “Patient Login” at for online account management
  • “Client Login” at for reports and account access

Client Consultations and Meetings:

A professional medical billing consultant from NCDS will review statistics, reports, trends, industry changes, policies updates, insurance agreements, etc and provide feedback to improve the billing process as a whole. We take a hands-on approach and get involved to maximize your revenue.

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Nothing slips through the cracks, ever.

Cut The Clutter

Let our experts streamline your billing, and remove the frustration of traditional claim filing and receivables management.

Nothing Falls Through The Cracks

We average payment 22 days faster with -2.2% less denials than our state peers & 10 days faster with -1.5% less denials than our peers across the nation.

Automate Your Revenue Stream

As much as 98.85% of insurance claims are sent electronically with 93.59% returned via electronic remit/electronic fund transfer*, optimizing both time and cash-flow for you.

Ahead Of The Curve

Our industry connections give us early insight into healthcare system changes, government regulatory updates and access to insurance carriers and advocacy efforts.

Dedicated Consultants

Our expert staff of Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executives will advise you personally.

Industry Pulse

Industry insight that keeps you ahead of the curve with system changes and updates


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Support - You Call, we answer, 24/7. Speak with our live representatives at our Ohio office on the phone whenever you need asssistance.

Relationship - We get to know you and your practice. Through personal meetings and consultations at your office, our process is built around you and how you work.

Understanding - We help you understand your billing information. Get real advice from data in your reports, not meaningless statistics, stacks of paper and endless spreadsheets.