If you think the new Quality Payment is easy, it may be because we are in the transition year. CMS has made 2017 a transition year to get practices up to speed with the new requirements. This year you only need to report the bare minimum to avoid the -4% penalty. CAUTION: Do not fall into the trap of thinking you will get to report this way throughout the program duration.

Reporting length: Transition Year vs. Full Reporting
In 2017, you only need to report for a 90 day period. That means if you report the minimum for 90 days you avoid the penalty and if you report all of the measures/requirements for 90 days you receive full participation credit. Going forward, you will be required to report for the entire year, January – December. This means you will need to have next year’s game plan in place before the current one ends.

Reporting Requirements: Transition Year vs. Full Reporting
In 2017, you can report on one quality measure, one improvement activity or the base score in advancing care information and avoid the penalty. You can pick and choose how many measures you would like to report on in each category, all while avoiding any type of penalty. This is a nice feature offered this year, but it is offered this year only. Starting next year, you are required to fully report in each category. Failure to do so will result in a penalty. Fully reporting includes reporting on 6 quality measures, the advancing care base score + a performance score and completing 2 or 4 improvement activities (depending on your practice size). It would be best to figure out what measures work for your practice this year while it is more flexible so you are prepared to fully report.

Penalty & Incentive Amounts: Transition Year vs. Full ReportingHAPPY NOTES
In 2017, you are up for a +/- adjustment of 4% in 2019. This continues to go up each year… Remember that payment adjustments always take place 2 years after the reporting year (reflected in the table).


The transition year was necessary to have, but I would not recommend taking advantage of it. I fully support only reporting the minimum for this year but you should be planning ahead for the future with the extra time you are giving yourself. It will be better to be prepared for what is to come especially when the money at stake gets higher and higher. Contact us today to get started on your MIPS Action Plan and ensure you get the incentive you deserve.



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MIPS: Transition Year vs. Full Reporting