Constant Updates

Are you immunizing your senior patients?  Medicare covers flu and pneumonia.  And while Medicare does not, many secondary/supplemental plans do cover TDAP and Shingles shots. 

You need the ability to check eligibility for Medicare Part B, C & D as well as commercial insurance plans benefits for both pharmacy and medical coverage to know how to counsel your seniors to maximize your immunizations. NCDS delivers technology that allows you to have these resources upfront in real-time for streamlined customer experience and in an integrated, easy to use application for your pharmacists and technicians.


Telemedicine Services

NCDS has been billing telemedicine long before our current crisis. We know the rules, then and now, and can keep clients updated with the latest guidelines by each insurance carrier. Avoid denials by assuming all plans process these claims the same, work with an experienced expert that knows how to breakdown the details, and get results.

Telemedicine is Changing Everything

Changes from the current COVID-19 crisis have not just changed telemedicine but our lives in general. The business impact on medicine with the “new normal” of social distancing, additional precautions to protect ourselves and each other from preventing the spread of germs, viruses, etc and the general shift in culture is likely to keep telemedicine relevant for the long term.

Clients need a trusted long term solution to evolve with them as the landscape of providing medical services and how to be reimbursed for them does too.

Get Ready for Immunization Clinic Billing Demands

Reach out today to learn more about how our solutions will make sure you are prepared.

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Physician Practice

Partner with a billing company that has pulled all the right resources together for our physician clients to capture opportunities for patient care and reimbursement. Learn the difference between Telehealth, remote patient monitoring, virtual check-ins and all the ways to document, bill and code properly for the expanded coverage available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental/Behavioral Health

These clients are at the forefront of this COVID-19 crisis, helping so many patients cope with the impact of unprecedented and unexpected change, job loss, illness, personal relationships, and more. Don’t miss out on reimbursement for these vital healthcare services. NCDS can help you correctly code for audio/video Telehealth, audio-only phone calls, and capture the correct reimbursement for all situations.

Therapy Rehab Clinics

TeleRehab allows clients to continue to provide care and recovery using virtual consultations from the comfort of home. With a billing partner that knows what codes are covered, what services are excluded, and specific insurance carrier medical policies for PT, OT, and Speech. Need assistance with verification of insurance benefits, pre-authorizations, and visit limits? NCDS can help with that too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get started with Telehealth Billing?

Getting started is simple. Contact NCDS and an executive consultant will discuss your specific needs to create a customized billing solution for you. CMS and other authorities require certain agreements for third-party billing and once those formalities are in place NCDS can get started immediately.

What is the most challenging part of Telehealth Billing?

Telemedicine regulations are continually changing and evolving these days. It is a huge challenge just to keep up. NCDS has a team dedicated to following all the updates by each insurance carrier to know the plan-specific coverage guidelines, proper modifiers, place of service, coding, and documentation requirements.

How do I know I am getting the proper reimbursement for my Telehealth Billing?

NCDS provides reporting to carve out your telemedicine services so you know you are being paid appropriately. Along with the numbers, you will receive feedback, advice, and education on any changes necessary to avoid denials on your telemedicine claims.