As of February 2021, telehealth visits grew 38x in claims volume

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Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth usage surged as consumers and providers sought ways to safely access and deliver healthcare.

offering after-hours patient visits can be extremely beneficial. Not only will it have a positive impact on your customers, but you’ll see an increase in revenue over time as well.

Author: McKinsey & Company

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About 35 million people in the U.S. have gotten the updated shots, about 11 percent of those aged five and older

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated disruptions have strained health systems, with 25 million children missing out on vaccination in 2021

Spending on U.S. medicines rose 12% in 2021 due primarily to COVID-19 vaccines and therapies

Since COVID-19 started, the Medical Group Management Association found that practices saw at least a 55% decrease in revenue and a 60% decrease in patient volume

KFF researchers estimated that 10-35 million adults between 18 & 64 may have long COVID

If the public embraces the boosters early this fall at a rate similar to that of annual flu shots, about 100,000 hospitalizations & 9,000 deaths could be prevented

The CDC is on high alert for signs of an aggressive flu season in the U.S.

Pharmacies have administered 258 million doses of the authorized COVID-19 vaccine

Older adults who received that second booster of the Pfizer vaccine have a 78% lower mortality rate than those who only had one booster

To date, 32 unique CPT codes have been created for COVID-19 vaccines

Telehealth Medicine

Telehealth utilization rose 5.5% in December, up slightly from November, according to Fair Health’s national monthly tracker

80% of physicians surveyed believed that telehealth provided patients better access to care since using it

Telehealth use continues at levels 38x higher than before the pandemic

Researchers found that 8.3 million Medicare beneficiaries participated in a telehealth visit, & of these, 5% had one or more out-of-state telehealth visits

Telehealth, physician payment, training more doctors & pandemic preparedness are among the health care provisions in the federal government’s $1.7 trillion budget for 2023

9/10 health systems say their organization plans to offer virtual visits for specialty & primary care next year

15-30% of Physicians are adopting AI software to reduce patient no-show rates

Among the healthcare consumers open to continuing telehealth use, 55% preferred virtual visits for primary care

About 35% of patients say they enjoy virtual primary care because it allows them to talk with a physician no matter their location

About 48% of Americans have heard of virtual primary care and 32% have actually used it