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Telemedicine Is Changing Everything

Changes from the current COVID-19 crisis have not just changed telemedicine but our lives in general. The business impact on medicine with the “new normal” of social distancing, additional precautions to protect ourselves and each other from preventing the spread of germs, viruses, etc and the general shift in culture is likely to keep telemedicine relevant for the long term.

Clients need a trusted long term solution to evolve with them as the landscape of providing medical services and how to be reimbursed for them does too.

Telemedicine Services

NCDS has been billing telemedicine long before our current crisis. We know the rules, then and now, and can keep clients updated with the latest guidelines by each insurance carrier. Avoid denials by assuming all plans process these claims the same, work with an experienced expert that knows how to breakdown the details, and get results.

Constant Updates

Get updates as they happen. Our contacts and channels within the industry allow us to have access to the most current information. We will evaluate these regulations and relay this information as it relates to clients specifically. It is important to know the exceptions COVID-19 has allowed for telemedicine, how to use them to each client’s advantage, and when these special circumstances may expire.

Need to know when to use or not use modifier -95? Or the appropriate Place of Service code for your telemedicine visit? NCDS keeps clients up to date with all the carriers billing guidelines and takes care of the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply enter your information at the top of this page or use the contact information at the bottom and an NCDS representative will be glad to help you. We are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm EST and other times as needed. We understand as a busy medical provider all your business cannot fit into a normal daily office schedule so we offer extended options for client and prospect consultations by appointment for your convenience as well as after hours and weekend support.

Once you have contacted NCDS and we have outline all the best options to Maximize your Revenue, you will need to formalize these arrangements with a MEDICAL OFFICE REVENUE CYCLE & ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT. This defines the terms of our work together as well as establishes all the appropriate legal, HIPAA, and privacy requirements necessary to work with NCDS. It’s not full of legal mumbo-jumbo that is confusing or meaningless language. It’s a straight forward contract that simply outlines what you need to do, what NCDS will do and the rules and regulations we have to abide by to do it.

Any time is a good time to work with NCDS! If you find your results inconsistent or showing consecutive declines it’s a good idea to revisit your billing operation and consider a change. Also if you see the amount of staff time increasing or need to hire additional help this may point to billing inefficiencies, increased denials and lower reimbursement. Generally we recommend healthcare providers check their numbers monthly and conduct a more thorough quarterly and semi-annual review of their billing and accounts receivable. When you have made your decision to move to NCDS, typically clients start on the 1st of the month to give them a clean reporting break between billing systems.

You can reach NCDS by phone at (888) 876-8833 ext 23 or send an email to to get more information. With a few simple questions to learn about your current billing situation and where you want to be, an NCDS representative can provide you with a proposal and all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Outsourcing your billing is not for everyone but just as you need other professionals like CPAs and Attorneys to help manage certain aspects of your business, you need an experienced expert in revenue cycle management and medical billing to navigate all the government regulations and insurance guidelines that are barriers to you attaining full reimbursement. Based on an independent study of NCDS, our clients experience a -2.6% less denial rate than industry peers and have their claims processed in -22 days less time. Contact NCDS to put those advantages to work for you!

Each billing situation and client has its own specific circumstances and needs. At NCDS we provide customized solutions right from the start so your transition plan is tailored to exactly what will work for you. We will take into consideration any technological requirements, what information needs to be collected for our system to get set up properly and any migration from your current billing platform and/or clearing house. Typically the changeover takes 30, 60 or 90 days depending on the level of sophistication and billing volume with a comparable ramp up for seeing improved results. If your situation is urgent though we have a fast track program that will get you up and running within a week!

Our Specialities

Nothing slips through the cracks, ever.

Partner with a billing company that has pulled all the right resources together for our physician clients to capture opportunities for patient care and reimbursement. Learn the difference between Telehealth, remote patient monitoring, virtual check-ins and all the ways to document, bill and code properly for the expanded coverage available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These clients are at the forefront of this COVID-19 crisis, helping so many patients cope with the impact of unprecedented and unexpected change, job loss, illness, personal relationships, and more. Don’t miss out on reimbursement for these vital healthcare services. NCDS can help you correctly code for audio/video Telehealth, audio-only phone calls, and capture the correct reimbursement for all situations.

TeleRehab allows clients to continue to provide care and recovery using virtual consultations from the comfort of home. With a billing partner that knows what codes are covered, what services are excluded, and specific insurance carrier medical policies for PT, OT, and Speech. Need assistance with verification of insurance benefits, pre-authorizations, and visit limits? NCDS can help with that too!

Our Promise

The NCDS Treatment

Your experience and success is of the utmost importance to our team. 

Support - You Call, we answer, 24/7. Speak with our live representatives at our Ohio office on the phone whenever you need asssistance.

Relationship - We get to know you and your practice. Through personal meetings and consultations at your office, our process is built around you and how you work.

Understanding - We help you understand your billing information. Get real advice from data in your reports, not meaningless statistics, stacks of paper and endless spreadsheets.


Nothing slips through the cracks, ever.

Cut The Clutter

Cut The Clutter

Let our experts streamline your billing, and remove the frustration of traditional claim filing and receivables management.

Nothing Falls Through The Cracks

Nothing Falls Through The Cracks

We average payment 22 days faster with -2.2% less denials than our state peers & 10 days faster with -1.5% less denials than our peers across the nation.

Automate Your Revenue Stream

Automate Your Revenue Stream

As much as 98.85% of insurance claims are sent electronically with 93.59% returned via electronic remit/electronic fund transfer*, optimizing both time and cash-flow for you.

Ahead Of The Curve

Ahead Of The Curve

Our industry connections give us early insight into healthcare system changes, government regulatory updates and access to insurance carriers and advocacy efforts.

Dedicated Consultants

Dedicated Consultants

Our expert staff of Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executives will advise you personally.

Industry Pulse

Industry Pulse

Industry insight that keeps you ahead of the curve with system changes and updates