TELEMEDICINE: The “new normal” in medical billing… COVID-19 is changing everything today. Healthcare is on the forefront of this pandemic. So much is changing so rapidly and Telemedicine is evolving into a HUGE opportunity for providers of all types and specialties. But how do you care for your patients, learn the new regulations and coding guidelines and manage your staff in this fast paced environment? With so much information to keep track of what you don’t need another DIY telemedicine checklist that gives your generalized guidance and leads to insurance denials down the revenue cycle. You need a reliable resource that can manage these complexities for you. At NCDS we dedicate the time to understand the changing government regulations, get the most latest insurance rules and review the details of the LCDs and medical policies so you don’t have to do it. We attend the webinars for the most up-to-date education and full understanding of the COVID-19 claim exceptions for Telemedicine. When we have questions, we have professional contacts across the country from 35 years experience that share knowledge and assist us in getting clarification on the right answers. At NCDS all we do is focus on medical billing and revenue cycle management. It’s our full-time job so you don’t have to be overwhelmed trying to fit it into yours. Whether you are treating patients via Telemedicine exclusively or in a combination with in-person visits at your clinic or in other facilities, there is little down-time. You need a billing team that makes it EASY to indicate your codes and charges. NCDS has Certified Professional Coders that know how to apply the proper modifiers for which claims, what place of service to indicate given your situation, when to use the CPT code or the G-code, etc. We save you the time and trouble of trying to remember what to do when. No matter if you are billing and documenting in your EMR/EHR, paper charts or otherwise NCDS can design a simple daily process for you to indicate a charge as “Telemedicine” and we take care of the details from there. Now that you have spent your time reorganizing your practice and clinic to treat patients remotely, how do you know it’s working? Are you sure you are being reimbursed properly by the insurance? Are you getting paid at all? NCDS provides you with the reporting and feedback you need to know what is working and where changes need to be made. We come full circle with real information that helps you improve your billing, manage your business and bolster your finances. Telemedicine visits are set up for specific tracking and categorized separately from other visits to document your performance with Telemedicine and put it in perspective with other areas or services in your practice. If you need to know the nuances within the claims, we provide specific reporting by CPT/ICD10 code to get you the precise information. All this is readily available by logging into our secure client web portal from any device. Along with your custom reporting you will be able to access all your patient accounts to view individual claims more in-depth. Telemedicine is now. Is it the future? The answer is yes but the question remains as to how. All the CMS and private insurance carriers may revert back to pre COVID-19 standards. Or will they continue with the existing provisions? Maybe they are planning to revise programs to fall somewhere in between? There is not enough information to know at this point and too much to speculate. NCDS keeps connected with a pulse on the healthcare business and management industry so when news is available we have it. Then, most importantly, we share it with you through our client e-advisories and e-newsletters to keep you abreast of the happenings and what these announcements mean to you. Don’t miss out on the new advantages of Telemedicine and don’t let them overburden you. Get the right partner for Telemedicine billing success, get in touch with NCDS today!

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NCDS is more than a third party medical billing service… We are a family owned company that packages experience and technology with an individualized, business approach to your billing and revenue cycle needs.

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TELEMEDICINE: The “new normal” in medical billing